Presentation of some projects
- and some software that might be useful

Client software for network attached USB server This is a work-in-progress project to develop a usable client software (Linux OS) for a network attached USB server.
Further information can be found on the berlios project page.

Passenger information system A part of my work for company Interautomation Deutschland (as an employee) was to design and develop a passenger information system which can be installed inside of trains.
My part on this project covered almost everything of hardware specification, protocol design, embedded OS (Linux), application design, implementation and testing
Some of these monitors are installed (end 2009) in vehicles of the private train operator eurobahn in North-Rhein-Westfalia (NRW).
(Since I'm not responsible for operation and service - don't bother me if the system is not working. [Smiley])

Material for courses / teaching A lot of stuff created for courses/teaching created while I was an employee of the Technical University of Berlin and the Humboldt Universität Berlin.

V 1.1

Usage scenario
A alternative implementation of the standard UNIX rwho daemon which uses polling instead of broadcasting.
Since this is a replacement for rwhod (same file format), its possible to continue using available tools like rwho and ruptime.
The original version of rwhod++ can be found here. Changes are basically that its now linux-compatible and the spooling directory can be specified on the command line.
Note: that all files in the spooling directory are endian specific (by design)! This means that you can only use tools (like rwho, ruptime) for the same architecture as the server. (Or you have to adapt these tools for your architecture.)
See included README for more informations.

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